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August 15, 2011
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Spike Papercraft pattern by Kna Spike Papercraft pattern by Kna
the vector image of spike made by :iconfelix-kot: go fav it if you like! [link]

(i asked permission to use it a while ago,so just you know)


finally>! i repaired some stuff since last night.
as usual: recommended paper: 140 grs.
(but i make one part in glossy photo paper when trying and it worked just fine)

and glue. (and/or a lot of patience)

also i am kinda sad because i run out of room to make owlisius... perhaps i will make once an angeal & owlisisus papercraft... dunno.

this spike its kinda big side to side with twilight...i post it this way because it will be difficult to glue when small.
when i have time, i will provide a link to a smaller up to scale spike version[link]

also i noticed that someone else is making super cool papercrafts... that was my primary objetive, to make models until someone else designed better ones...

but it is important that i ask to you: ¿do you like what i have been doing so far? do you wish me to keep going?

each week i left a lot of things undone just so i can release these paper crafts. i love to make them. each one has its unique difficulty.

if i keep going i plan to make: (Gasp! my whole plan!)


Bon Bon
Big Mac
the overprotective parent who drinks grape juice
(do not remember her name)

Series 4:
(taking time for each model...probably two or three weeks until release each one)

-Celestia (dunno if trollestia too)
-Nigthmare moon
-a pegasus Guard(well you can print two copies)
-guybrush pony

No idea if make or not to:
Lotus spa ponies
Nurse white
Pokey pierce
*Your suggestion here*

I will not make:
-that old blank flank senior pony
-all applejack´s family
-Gilda ( i do not like her...i will keep pushing her down the list so i figured i will never make her by my own will XD sorry)
-i love him but not leeroy wingkings
-also not bearded tenis guy
-i liked very much the ¿butler? who brings twilight a sandwich but it is too background character to make a paper craft.
-hoity toity (:( i like him)
-Sapphire shores
-I will think about "the magiks" Photo finish but not her helpers. those are not only complex...only one person asked for them.
-those nasty fillys like silver spoon or twist (well, twist was nice but too background also)

i may change of opinion about this list...depends on you people.

also probably with season two a lot of new characters appear so if you ask for characters, please choose the most important ones. i will read all the comments!

¿do you want me to keep going or it is enough of (mediocre)
paper crafts ponies already?
bronis de habla hispana también colaboren por favor!

muchas gracias por leer! thank you so much for reading!

the rest of the ponies: [link]

finished photos: [link]

as always i do not own the character or series they are (C) Hasbro and lauren Faust, i only make the patterns.
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Kna Aug 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
reaally distant future XD
anzul Aug 19, 2011  Student General Artist
aqui bronie de habla hispana :iconmegustaplz:
Kna Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
puccafan2 Aug 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Make a Regular Show line?
Kna Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
no, my hands are really full with ponies only, sorry.also i never have yet see that show.
puccafan2 Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
oh, its okay! Sorry for troubling you.
In regard with that other papercrafts (paper-replika?) I would like you to continue making the rest of them please. While the other Papercraft does look more proper but last time I've check they only got two while you got over ten! You had been generous to continue making the rest of them after the mane 6 which I think the other papercraft may not make. Even if they do make the background ponies after the mane 6 you would have made alot more ponies! (It will be ages for them to catch up to the ones you had made.) Beside I had a look at the patterns and it take three papers to make one while you are able to keep the main parts in one paper.

I tempted to make Spike now upon seeing that prototype although I need to make Twilight as well. Oh man I cannot wait until you make the CMC!!! Also someone I know will be very happy that you intend to make Braeburn although another person I know got a long wait ahead of him (he's a big Luna fan but I understand why you need some time to try making her).

The only request I would like to suggest of which pony you not sure to make in the future is Roseluck but only because I know another person who is a fan of her. I suppose if you do make her you would have to make the other two flowers ponies as well.
Kna Aug 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah i totally forgot about roseluck..i like her design so much!ahhh...also i forgot about the other flower ponies got a point there...i guess i will add them to the list of ponies i dunno if i will make..
so i focus on the series 3.
i will probably move the cmc up,theres is so much demand for them...but i was hoping that they get their cutie marks in season 2 (too much daydreaming? they will never get them??XD)i will see. probably they will be the first to be made from series 4.

yes, economy was a key factor when designing the patterns :D

but the reason i ask about continuing or not is because i know my papercrafts aren´t good at is more of the eternal question: quality or quantity?
What do you mean by quantity? You mean that you are able to fit the main parts on one paper as oppose to using anymore paper?
Kna Aug 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
nah. i was talking about the fact that i released a lot of paper crafts that are not very good designed, and the other guy does quality work on each paper craft.(even if he releases only the mane six)
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